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About Us

Corey McGill is a leader in the field of Personal Development. With years of experience he can help you get the life you want, fast!

A Greater Path Life Coaching

Hi, my name is Corey McGill MNLP, PTT, MCCHt, EFT, MSCS. I am a Certified Practitioner of NLP, Certified Practitioner of TIME Techniques, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified EFT Practitioner, and a Certified Success Coach specializing in [Life Coaching for veterans].

With my extensive training and experience, I can help you overcome your obstacles and reach your goals, easily and effortlessly.

Please feel free to call me and book a complimentary consultation. We can explore the available options and design a plan for your future.

Corey McGill is board certified in the following areas: Master NLP Practitioner, TIME Techniques Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, Master Success Coach.

Corey McGill is board certified through an independent review board at the International Board of Clinical Practitioners, member number 11479. You can call the IBCP at 888-731-8376 to verify their credentials.


Meet The Team

At A Greater Path Life Coaching, our mission is to help you overcome those
habits, fears, emotions and memories that prevent you from achieving your wildest dreams.

Corey McGill

CEO- Founder


Corey McGill, MNLP, MCCHt, EFT, SCS, Founder of A Greater Path Life Coaching

Hi, my name is Corey McGill. I'm the co-founder of A Great Path Life Coaching. This is my bio...

Corey Ray is a Master life coach passionate about helping others step into their own power and become the greater version of themselves. Born and raised in Wadley, Alabama, he always wondered if there was more to life then what was presented to him. Coach Corey grew up playing sports as a child, consisting of football, basketball, and track and field. Knowing he was made for Greater he took all chances and enlisted in the U.S. Army shortly after high school at the youthful age of 19. After a few years of joining, he met his wife, they now have two beautiful daughters and as of May 2021 they became parents of an angel.

 As an 88M (Motor Transporter Operator) he reached the rank of E4(CPL)and He spent six years supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States. He then was medically discharged due to a back injury. Corey learned numerous and advanced skills, trades, and had many memorable experiences while serving.

              As a Veteran, he still had a burning desire to help his fellow soldiers; therefore, he became a SMS (Soldier Monitoring System) Technician for FITT Scientific on Fort Benning starting in 2019, which was his first duty station. He had the opportunity to continue to work with soldiers and to be in a position and assist them in their military journey.

To become a greater version of himself Corey obtained numerous certifications as listed above from Transform Destiny NLP Institute.

Corey is currently enrolled in the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona to earn his PhD Doctorates in Holistic Life Coaching. Also, he is becoming a motivational Speaker and is an inspiring Author. 

Corey personal words of encouragement for when the path does not look so great and to remind you that your path is greater are:

“Keep your Crown Upward Towards the sun, and the sun Rays, will LIGHT your path back to your kingdom.”


-Much Love, power, and passion to the reader of the Bio

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